More about us.

Our mission

The O’Halloran & O’Brien Construction Training Academy is a world class training facility tailored to deliver excellence and replicate a construction environment, providing multi-dimensional skills training interventions to the highest standards.

Our ambition

Our main ambition is to create a sustainable talent pipeline and increase employment and training opportunities in the construction sector for both local people and those living and working throughout London and the South East.


Our Academy

The Academy will ultimately offer a complete one-stop service for construction training, providing an unprecedented and unrivalled upskilling experience.


Our Passion

We are passionate about inspiring and engaging young people to want to work in the construction sector and offer a range of school engagement activities to highlight the breadth of opportunities available.


Our Development

We are further developing our services to support those currently in education and those considering a construction career as well as those wishing to enter from different sectors and destinations. The service will provide a pathway to upskill and to advance / accelerate their careers.


Our Aims

We are aiming to redefine the industry and raise the standards in support of our supply-chain sub-contractors, other local employers, school engagement, further and higher education organisations, local community groups, industry stakeholders and Government departments.


Our apprenticeships are built to bridge the skills gap and inspire the younger generation through hands-on experience and innovative training.

Pre-Employability Training

We're engaging the local community with pre-employability programmes that target local people looking to start a career in the construction industry.


We're upskilling the workforce trough NVQ construction qualifications, including assessment, verification and diplomas all ranging from levels 2 to 7.

Health & Safety

Our training ensures construction workers have the knowledge, legal awareness, and skills to handle health and safety issues on site.